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Who doesn't love shells?  Each piece seen here is individually (and lovingly) crafted by me.

I grew up on Long Island but my love affair with shells started when I was a kid on frequent trips to Fort Lauderdale to visit my grandparents.  I would bring home pails full of shells.  When my parents eventually retired to Florida the shell collecting continued…

After friends invited me to their lovely home on Sanibel Island,  I fell in love with not only the island but the beautiful beaches.  All those glorious shells!  So I loaded up my suitcase and brought them home to Chicago.  Now what to do with all those shells?  I started making Christmas ornaments for friends and I just couldn’t stop.  So here we are.

My shell “inventory” is mainly replenished by my good friend from her frequent trips to the beaches of Sanibel.  Thank you, Mindy.

Each and every piece is unique.  The driftwood, pinecones and bits of rusted metal are mainly collected by my wonderful husband on his long walks.  Thank you, honey!  (We do have to remember to double check his pants pockets before throwing them in the washing machine.)

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Chris Sullivan

​​Hi.  I'm back from my trip to Florida where I had an entry in the 79th Annual Sanibel Shell Show.  I am proud to announce I won the 2nd place award in my category!  It was a fun experience and I'm already pondering next year's entry.

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